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Why a breadmachine?

Posted on Apr 25, 2015 in Recipes

So…….. I have a thermomix. 

Why do I need a breadmachine?

THIS, was kneaded, baked and ready while I was sleeping… Good enough reason?

You see… Realised we were out of bread just before I go to bed at 12 midnight yesterday, and knowing it will be an early morning due to classes, it will be difficult to eat out… What do I do? 

Normally, drive out to a 7eleven to buy a loaf… Or, start kneading now and set alarm to put it in to  bake?

Well, I took out the BM pan, weigh everything in, put it back and start the timer for the bread to be ready at 8am (took me about 10 mins including clearing everything up) AND GO TO BED…

Today, I woke up with a house filled with fresh baked bread smell like a bakery (don’t you just love that smell?) and a great loaf of bread waiting… 


How to apply mascara perfectly?

Posted on Dec 1, 2014 in General


Make up can be seen as a girl’s best friend where it helps us cover up blemishes, pimples and even our terrible eyebags. However, one of the most important make up item that every women should apply even on their lazy days is mascara. Have you ever heard a saying ‘The Eyes are the Windows to One’s Soul’? The saying has truth into it as eyes are the first thing you see when making a conversation with someone. Eyes can tell whether you are sincere, lying or even if you are deeply in love. So girls, it is a definite must to have eye makeup on in order to impress others with the beauty of your eyes. Apply some black mascara to make your eyes look sexy and show off your great personality. However, it cannot be denied that some women may have a little problem in getting that perfect sleek mascara look. Here are four simple tips which every gorgeous lady out there to practice. The first tip for getting those nice looking lashes is by using an eyelash curler. The eyelash curler will definitely work wonders to your lashes creating a nice sweet curl. If you compare your lashes before and after using the eyelash curler, you will see an huge difference.


The second rule of applying mascara is to blot the mascara wand by gently wiping the excess off the brush. This technique is necessary in order to avoid you from having clumpy eyelashes. Clumpy mascara is one of the problems most women have encountered during their makeup routine. So prevent it from happening with this simple step. The third rule is while you are applying your coats of mascara; make sure to do it with a ‘wiggle’ or ‘zigzag’ technique. Rather than applying your women mascara from top to bottom, brush your lashes from left to right. This will help coat your lashes fully as well as prevent clumps.


Last but not least, after you have applied your mascara, take an eyelash comb and swipe it nicely through your lashes to create a long lasting curly look. Comb it through in an upward position and let the mascara dry well. You will absolutely feel satisfied with the result of your hard work. If you are thinking about adding some new mascara into your makeup kit at home, have a look at ZALORA as it offers a wide range of mascara online collection from various makeup brands.



CNY2014 : Day8 to Day12…

Posted on Feb 11, 2014 in CNY2014


Black for CNY? Hehe.
Day 8, midnight prayers… Girls stayed up to 3am!

Casual Saturday… Had friends over and rushed for Huan family dinner.


The day before school starts…

First day back to school after a log break… Surprisingly, kids took it pretty well… :)

Rachel’s new clothes ended, just another one left for chap Goh meh. Nicole will have a new top a day, for 15 days…

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