The Sleepover – Updates…

Posted by seowwen on Nov 14, 2012 in Nicole Huan, Rachel Huan |

Nicole :
Last thing she asked when going to bed yesterday night was “where’s JieJie?”… The first thing she asked when she opened her eyes today morning was again, “where’s JieJie?”… But overall, she was ok – slept through the night without fussing for JieJie, played all by herself without JieJie’s company today… When told that JieJie’s staying another night, she just said OK!!

Rachel :
Grandma said she slept very well through the night… When asked if she is sleeping in grandpa’s house tonight, she instantly answered YES!
When we called her in the evening, she actually asked, “you have anything else to say? I don’t have anything to say Liao. OK. Love you. Bye bye”… *sob*

Tecky & Me : We weren’t worried, but both didn’t quite sleep well yesterday… Separation anxiety? Haha… However, we enjoyed being able to give Nicole our full undivided attention… Took her out for dinner and enjoyed her mischievous ‘jokes’ without Rachel’s interruptions… Don’t get me wrong, it’s still something amiss without Rachel around, but I think it’s good for Nicole that we can give her undivided attention sometimes… A chance for her to experience being the only child – SE was truly excited, all smiley and chirpy (more than usual), jumping and goofing around… No fuss at all…

Nicole enjoying her supper while we had our dinner…

20121114-225819.jpgMy crispy cheese cake…

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prince n princess mum
Nov 16, 2012 at 3:29 PM

Supper or dinner doesn’t matter, as long as it’s delicious!



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