Nicole’s 3rd Birthday…

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Weight : 12.5kg
Height : 92cm

It’s weird, that with Nicole, I feel like ‘IS SHE ONLY THREE’??
REALLY, she has just turn 3…

Development wise, she is slower, most probably because we didn’t have as much time guiding her, but she’s slowly picking up…

  • Her pronunciations are still difficult to understand as she tend to swallow her words a lot… She can’t pronounce her ‘S’ and her ‘F’ properly…
  • She has just started to get the hang of singing, wanting to sing all by herself now instead of insisting she can only hum along to Rachel singing…
  • She is starting to learn her alphabets, but VERY slowly…
  • She still don’t like to listen, she listens when she chooses to, but other times, you can talk and she will ignore…
  • Her logic and comprehension to question and answer are still a bit off… I wonder if her stubbornness is a big factor to this…

All in all, I think she has done pretty well this year compared to before… :)

Her birthday?
She had a cake cutting session with her cousin Charlotte last week, and she was singing:

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Nicole & Charlotte,
Happy birthday to me

Probably from the influence of Rachel, she was looking forward to getting birthday present and blowing the candles on her cake (yes, she FINALLY could blow her candles herself)… She wanted BLUE cake and BLUE backpack (saying it’s her favourite) and everything BLUE BLUE BLUE… Yes, you have guessed right, BLUE is the favourite-est colour…

Her celebration with Charlotte the other day…

How many ‘celebration’s will she be having?
Had one together with Charlotte, another tomorrow as it’s the actual day, and then another with my side of the family… The girls are definitely truly lucky… :)

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Yuen May
Dec 9, 2012 at 9:21 PM

Your girls are so big already! Oh and Charlotte too! <3

prince n princess mum
Dec 13, 2012 at 5:50 PM

Happy birthday nicole!



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