Nicole : Sedated…

Posted by seowwen on Jul 11, 2013 in Nicole Huan, Sick Times |

What a day!
Due to her frequent fever bout, it was decided yesterday that she would to get an MRI of brain and abdomen. Being so young, she have to be sedated for it. :(

Called SDMC and wanted to schedule for tomorrow but they only have slot or today, so today it is… Rushed through everything and got everything prepared..

Nicole fasted for 4 hours, while mummy got everything else organized… Times like this, good to be staying near family, as there were many helps all around…


She was so scared that she shivered the whole time when we reached, throughout registration and waiting… As soon as she took in the oral sedation, she lay down on my arm and closed her eyes and cried “I want you to carry” (instead of laying on the bed)… Few minutes later, she was in zzz-land… Even the nurses were surprised…


So sakit hati to see her like that, see her being wheeled into the MRI room, being strapped onto the machine, and waiting anxiously for the results…


Also did an ultrasound of the abdomen and happy to hear that ALL SEEM NORMAL

When we woke her up, she was like a drunkard, couldn’t even put on her shoes and couldn’t even walk straight… For now, she is still cranky, insisting she wants nothing but sleep, so has yet to drank or ate anything…

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