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Posted by seowwen on Nov 29, 2012 in Dinner Diaries, Lunches Diary |

What I dread most daily?

It’s always a war… With me scolding and them rebelling… All the I can’t finish, I don’t want anymore, I don’t like this or that, and worse of all, all the touching/playing & concentrating on other things except the plate of food in front of them…

Anyone, any ideas? Please?? :(

I tried giving things that they like, tried rewarding and threatening… Somehow, nothing works!! Now that I’m home all the time, seeing it 3 times a day, I an going to die few years earlier if this is not solved…

Just like tonight, Rachel said she didn’t rice, so gave her noodle instead, but STILL takes so long…

Lunch : Porridge in ‘old cucumber’ soup… Gave them a bowl of meat floss each since they like, but still slow…

Dinner : Nicole wanted rice and Rachel wanted noodle… Nicole finished in half an hour while Rachel took nearly 1 hour!!

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Baby darren
Nov 30, 2012 at 5:40 AM

Maybe you can try giving them smaller portion and let them feel that they can finish the meal easily and slowly increase it again. Or…what i did was to put a timer of 30 mins and if he cant finish it within the time frame, i will take away the food and no food till rhe next meal. But she has to be warned about the 30 mins time frame and rhe consequences before the meal starts.

Paik Ling
Nov 30, 2012 at 10:55 AM

I employ similar strategies to the above. If they don’t eat by 30mins, I take it that they are not hungry and end meal time. Then NO SNACKS and NO MILK until the next meal time. For dinner on weekends, I usually take them to the park in the evening and then by dinner time, they are ravenous and finishes within 15mins!



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